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Property division can be a complex matter

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2018 | Property Division

One of the difficult aspects of divorcing is having to go through the property division process. Not only do you have to find and account for all assets, you must do the same for debts. Once you know what must be divided, you need to figure out the arrangement. This is often done through a collaborative process.

As you are going through the mediation process, make sure that you are thinking logically about what you are doing. It is easy to become focused on what your emotions are telling you that you need to do. The problem with this is that what is right for your emotions might not be good for your finances. Thinking logically will allow you to weigh all of your options and determine how they might affect your life.

You might realize that things like a second home or multiple vehicles just don’t make sense for your new lifestyle. Relying on a single income can be difficult if you are accustomed to living in a two-income household. This is one of the main points that you need to realize if you are divorcing, even if it is a high-asset divorce.

We are here to help you find out what options might work for your case. There are times when we need to find creative solutions to the issues that are plaguing you. If you and your ex can work together and think outside of the box, you may find that it is easier to come to a resolution. This can often lead to a divorce that is a bit faster than one that has to drag on through the court process.