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Plan for trips with your children early to minimize stress

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2019 | Child Custody

There are many challenges that parents have to plan for when they are traveling with children. When there is a custody order in the picture, things get a bit more complicated. Planning can help to reduce the amount of stress and trouble that vacationing parents have to deal with while preparing to leave.

One of the most important things to do if you are taking a trip out of your local area is to find out what types of notifications you need to make. Sometimes, you have to let the other parent know what’s going on so they are aware of the plan. In limited cases, the court might also have to be notified. Taking care of this early can ensure that there aren’t problems or conflicts.

You need to check the dates and times of your travel plans. Try not to make them too close to the time when you will get the kids from your ex. Having to rush so that you can make a flight or do anything else time-sensitive can lead to unnecessary stress.

Some trips might require special documentation, such as passports. Gather these early so that you aren’t trying to locate them at the last minute. Additionally, be sure to grab a copy of the medical insurance cards for the children so that you can get them care if needed.

Most importantly, prepare to have fun. Trips and vacations should be a time for positive memories. There might be things that go wrong, but keep your focus on the positive things and enjoy spending time with the kids.