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Help children ease back into life at your home

On Behalf of | May 17, 2019 | Child Custody

Learning how to move from one parent’s home to the other might not be easy for some children. Each transition is a time of adjustment for them. For this reason, parents have to think about what type of schedule is best for the kids. For some, seeing both parents often is better. Others might need to have longer at each home to help keep things less stressful.

You and your ex need to pay close attention to how your kids are adjusting when they go from one home to the other. It might help if you make things relaxed on the first day they come to your home. This gives them some time to adapt to being there. Maybe you can play a game or watch a movie together.

It is imperative that you make the house rules clear. One thing that some parents do is let things slide when the kids are still adjusting to life between two homes. While this might seem like it is making things easier for the children, it can actually make it more confusing when you do start enforcing the rules.

Another way you can help with the transition is to ensure they have clothing and personal items at your home. This means they won’t have to pack up a big bag to go back and forth. Instead, they can just bring special items like a favorite toy or something similar.

Try to make the time that they are going from one parent to the other stress-free. This isn’t the time for you and your ex to discuss contentious matters. Instead, focus on making things pleasant for the kids. Having a comprehensive parenting plan can help with this matter.