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Some people assume that they are going to receive alimony when they go through a divorce. This isn’t ever a guaranteed event unless there is a signed agreement that denotes one party will receive these spousal payments. There are several points that are considered when the court is deciding whether alimony is appropriate or not.

One thing that might help you receive alimony is if you can work with your ex to have it included in the divorce agreement. This would enable you and your ex to determine important factors, such as amounts and the payment schedule. Even the method of payment might need to be discussed.

If you aren’t working with your ex on the divorce terms, the judge will decide the questions of alimony. Typically, short marriages won’t have alimony as a consideration. Usually, marriages over a decade are more likely to have alimony awarded during a divorce than those that were shorter.

Another consideration is how the payments are made. Sometimes, the paying party will make support payments on a schedule. In other cases, the paying party might petition for a lump-sum payment. If this is the case, that single payment must be at least equal to what the person would receive through regular payments.

Remember that there are several types of alimony. You should explore the differences so that you can be sure that you are asking for the appropriate one. Trying to seek the incorrect one might not end well. Always take the time to find out important points about every aspect of the divorce, including alimony, property division and child custody.

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