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Tips for dealing with a harassing ex you have children with

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2019 | Child Custody

Dealing with harassment from your ex when you are trying to handle custody matters makes the situation more difficult than necessary. Not only can this type of circumstance wear on your emotions, but it can also have an impact on the kids, so it is necessary to stop it quickly.

First, try to talk to your ex to find out why they are behaving that way. There might be an underlying issue they are mad about. Addressing it could help them to calm down and leave you alone. You might consider having a neutral third-party step into the situation to help resolve the matter.

Second, make it clear that you won’t accept the harassing behavior. You do have legal means for addressing the situation. Let your ex know that you will take things to the appropriate authorities if they don’t calm down.

Third, keep your communication respectful. Even when your ex is acting up, you shouldn’t let them pull you into that behavior. Instead, stay calm and keep things business-like. If you do have to go to court over the harassment, this will likely work in your favor.

Fourth, protect yourself from impacts of harassment. As the situation wears on your emotions, you might become irritable or depressed. You don’t need your ex to have that level of control over you, so take a step back and remember that you are the only person in control of you.

When you have a harassing ex, having a detailed parenting plan is often beneficial. This gives you all the information you need about what’s going to happen with the children. You can turn to this document if there are ever any questions about what you should do.