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Stay on top of current laws when dealing with alimony

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2019 | Alimony

Some divorces include a provision for alimony payments. This can come about because the court determined it was necessary; however, it might also stem from an agreement over the divorce settlement. In either case, the paying spouse must pay as ordered or take time to try to have it modified.

There are some very serious consequences for not paying the alimony that you are ordered to pay. You should understand these before you opt to stop paying. If something happens and you aren’t able to keep up with the support payments because of something like a job loss, you can petition the court for a modification. This could make it easier for you to pay.

Alimony payments aren’t automatic. In fact, changes to the laws mean that you should work with someone familiar with the most up-to-date laws, so you know what you can do. For example, some forms of alimony are only ordered if the case meets specific requirements.

Most alimony orders these days have specific limits to them. It is unlikely that you will receive permanent alimony that doesn’t ever end. Instead, you are more likely to receive a temporary order that gives you a chance to boost your training and income to something that is more like what you are accustomed to.

It is possible that you and your ex can agree on the terms of alimony during mediation. This gives you a bit more control over what you are going to have to pay. You might even be able to work out a deal for a lump sum payment. If you can afford to do it this way, you could prevent yourself from having to make regular payments to your ex.