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High-conflict divorce damages the children involved

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2019 | Child Custody

One factor that’s important when you’re working out child custody terms is the child’s best interests. This can be challenging to determine because it varies from one case to another, but you have to think about what your children need when you negotiate the terms.

When you determine that you’re divorcing, you have to start to think about the kids immediately. Having to go through a high-conflict divorce can be emotionally damaging to the children. They don’t need to see their parents constantly fighting.

If possible, you should try to keep the conflict away from the kids. This can help them feel a bit more stable. You might need to work with your ex to determine a way that you can become a parenting team. Presenting a united front before the children can show them that both parents will remain there for them even though the marriage didn’t work out.

Children should also be able to keep up meaningful relationships with both sides of the family. Their parents should encourage this and work toward making it happen because it is best for the children. You might need to offer communication options for them.

The kids should have time to spend with both parents. Working out the parenting time schedule to reflect this need is important. Trying to keep each other informed about special events for the children is also important so that both parents can attempt to attend.

As you create the parenting plan, ensure that you have it set up so that the children benefit from the terms. This isn’t an area of divorce that you should use as a way to get back at your ex. Instead, do what your children need.