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Parenting plans for the summer should be checked now

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Child Custody

Even though spring was just ushered in, now is the time to look ahead to the summer months for child custody arrangements. There are many things that must be figured out quickly. This ensures that the children have appropriate care and that special things like vacations are taken care of in accordance with the parenting plan.

This summer is a bit different from summers of the past because of the coronavirus. With governments making strict limitations on activities and schools being closed, the future of many summer activities is in question.

Parents might be struggling now with child care since schools closed suddenly. As the time off marches forward, the kids will still need care. Trying to figure out the schedule for summer now might enable you to find the child care you need without having to struggle at the last minute.

With the uncertainty of travel over the summer, this year is a challenge for what you should do. It might be beneficial to make plans now as long as they are refundable. Make sure you discuss them with your ex if that’s required in your custody agreement. You should also determine whether the vacation is during your time with the children. If it doesn’t, take the time to discuss a possible parenting time change with your ex.

The unusual circumstances of this year can make child custody complex. Ensure that you’re doing what’s best for the children, even if it means coming up with new or temporary terms to address the immediate needs. If it comes to it, you might need to turn to the court for a ruling to be issued on matters you can’t come to terms with your ex on.