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Should January really be known as divorce month?

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2021 | High Asset Divorce

There is a historical argument that when individuals ring in the New Year, they may be compelled to file for divorce from their spouses. The idea is that with the change in year comes plans for a brighter and happier future. Some Floridians may take the holiday as an opportunity to alter their marital status and move their life forward.

Because of this perceived phenomenon, some have claimed that January should be called divorce month. However, not all legal professionals agree with this assessment. This post will discuss some of the reasoning behind the upswing in divorces that happen at the start of the year.

More divorces in January?

One reason that it may seem that divorces spike in January over other months is that divorces often decline through the holiday season. Many individuals choose to put off their divorces in November and December when they may be with family and wish to preserve the peace for their children. As such, January brings a time when filing for divorce may not be as stressful or potentially disruptive.

Data on divorces

Based on Google use trends, searches for divorce-related terms show bumps during the early parts of January. However, other months such as March and September also can experience peaks in divorce term searching. Searches on divorce can follow common vacation periods such as those following the holidays and summer breaks.

The right time to divorce

Many people choose to get divorced and start their proceedings in January. However, many others find, during different times of the year, that they are ready to begin the process of undoing their marriages. There is no right or wrong time for a Floridian to start their divorce, because the right time for them will be very different than for others.

When an individual is ready to divorce, they can protect their rights and interests by ensuring that they are knowledgeable about the laws that will impact them. They can choose to work with dedicated divorce and family law attorneys to support their needs and advocate for their expectations.