What are permissible uses of child support payments?

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Child support is an important part of family law proceedings involving kids. Whether those proceedings involve Florida divorces or separations, or establishing parental rights and responsibilities between unmarried parents, child support represents the money that parents pay to ensure their kids are provided for. Even though child support is intended to support children, many parents still have questions about what it can be used for.

It is important that specific questions about child support use are directed to Florida attorneys who work in the family law field. This post provides general information and does not offer any legal guidance to its readers. When issues regarding child support arise, Floridians can get legal help from attorneys that they trust.

Possible uses for child support payments

Child support often has broad applicability to the costs and expenses associated with raising a child. Many of those costs directly apply to children’s needs, such as the food that they eat and the clothing that they wear. However, child support can apply to other expenses that have a broader coverage.

For example, a parent may be able to use child support payments to pay for their mortgage or rent if the child lives with them. They may be able to apply child support payments to costs associated with providing the child with medical care or coverage. Child support may also be used to pay for utilities, child care so that the parent can work, and entertainment for the child. These areas of possible coverage for child care payments is not complete and readers can learn more about child support with the help of their attorneys.

Child support misuse by a parent

While child support can be used for many costs, there are certain things that parents cannot pay for with child support money. Generally, any expense that is directly connected to the parent and that does not benefit the child cannot be covered with child support money. When a parent suspects that their co-parent is misusing child support, they may wish to investigate the matter with the help of their lawyer.

Child support benefits kids. It is an obligation for parent to ensure their children are taken care of and have what they need to thrive. Its use and misuse can be tricky, and help is available for those with questions.


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