How can we help our kids settle in during and after divorce?

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Divorce can leave kids feeling trapped between two homes that do not truly feel like home. This can cause stress, anxiety and a whole host of other issues. However, parents can work together to make sure that both homes feel like home.

The importance of home

Regardless of what you do, a divorce will be difficult on both you and the children. Everyone will have to say goodbye to the family home and the life that was built together. Kids crave stability and assume their world is stable. Divorce can rock that foundational belief and even make them question their own reality.

Preparation and openness

Once you decide to divorce, you need to sit down with your children to explain what is happening. Make sure they know it is not about them and let them ask as many questions as they need.

You can help normalize the situation by talking about other co-parenting families, reading books about co-parents and watching movies and television shows that portray co-parenting families in a good light. If this feels normal, it is less scary.

Keep them as part of the process

When you shop for a new Florida apartment or home, take the kids with you. When you buy furniture and other home goods, take them with you.

Make them a part of the process. Give them a say in their new home, and this will help them feel personally invested.

Personal space

Once you have a new place, make sure you give your children their own personal space. If you can manage it, each child should have their own room, but if not, just giving them their own corner, desk, etc. Make sure to fairly split the child’s items between the two homes to bring as many of those great memories too.

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