Can remarrying impact child support?

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After recovering from a divorce, you may want to give love another chance. Your next marriage does not directly impact the obligation of either parent to continue to provide the same child support payments. Although, in Florida, the court considers some factors that could change the circumstances of each parent when they remarry.

If you have new children

There is a very real chance that you and your new spouse will have children together. You must also provide for the other children, and they will be considered when recalculating child support payments.

If your new spouse has a high income

When the person you marry has a higher-than-average income, they could help you with the daily expenses of your child. It does not mean they are to pay for the child support, but rather ease the financial burden of other aspects in your married life. This circumstance only matters when the child is in your custody. It assumes your spouse is spending more on the household, allowing you to contribute more to child support payments. The court will not increase child support payments if the spouse that is remarrying is the non-custodial parent.

If there is a change in household expenses

When you remarry, you start a whole different life with someone. The new people in your life could have more needs, which consequently would make it more difficult to pay the same amount of child support payments.

Your remarriage can only impact a child support order if you or someone with vested interests can prove that you have a different financial situation now because of remarrying.

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