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Did you give your all in the name of love?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2023 | Alimony

Michael Bolton once sang, “when a man loves a woman, he’d trade the world for the good thing he’s found.” We all feel that way in the beginning of a relationship. There is nothing too hard or too much in the name of love.
It is common for another spouse to give everything they have to a marriage—even if it means giving up their entire career. One spouse quits their job or studies to provide emotional and domestic support, while the other works on their own career.

We never expect divorce or separation when in love, but where does that leave the other spouse?

How can rehabilitative alimony help you?

In Florida, rehabilitative alimony may be awarded to a spouse who has taken a supportive role in the course of the marriage. The sum and duration are determined by the amount necessary for that spouse to become self-sufficient and financially independent.

Rehabilitative alimony can help you with these specific reasons:

  • If you had an educational background and some work experience, it could allow you to finish your education or to provide you enough time and resources to renew previous talents or certifications.
  • If you did not have any experience before the marriage, rehabilitative alimony may also be awarded to allow you acquire training and employment until you have the capacity to be financially independent.

The main goal of rehabilitative alimony is that the other spouse will maintain the same lifestyle even after the marriage.

How can I receive rehabilitative alimony?

For the court to award rehabilitative alimony, there must be a clear and detailed plan of action that will specify where the resources will go. The court focuses on how the marriage affected the spouse’s capacity to earn and work. It considers how long the marriage was and why there was a need for the other spouse to stop working or studying, to begin with. The rehabilitative plan must indicate the amount of time needed to become self-sufficient.

If you have given your all in the name of love, this may be just what you need. It is never too late to work on yourself and your career.