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Social media can impact your child custody case

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2023 | Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce

When you and your ex cannot agree on child support and child custody, the court might have to intervene. The court investigates several factors before deciding who will get custody of the child, who will pay for child support and what the child support order amount will be. What you post on social media can influence how the court perceives your parenting and financial capacity.

According to Florida law, “the court shall order sole parental responsibility for a minor child to one parent, with or without time-sharing with the other parent if it is in the best interests of the minor child.” If the court sees you are unfit in any mental, emotional and physical capacity, you can completely lose custody of your child. A single post on social media can be enough material evidence to assume you are an unfit parent.

What mistakes should you avoid when posting in social media?

Going through a child custody case does not necessarily mean you must quit social media altogether, although that could be the most favorable decision. If you do decide to post, it is best to be cautious. Here are mistakes you should avoid when posting or sharing anything on social media:

  • Do not post negative comments or suggestions about your ex
  • Do not post any pictures where alcohol or drugs are involved
  • Do not post photos of expensive trips or luxury items
  • Do not post anything about your divorce or custody battle
  • Do not assume your spouse cannot see posts once you block them
  • Do not share sensitive information about your ex or your children
  • Do not make it appear like you are single and ready for another relationship until the divorce is through
  • Do not delete social media content

Deleting social media content can appear like you are concealing evidence. Similarly, you may accidentally erase data that can significantly help you with your case.

Make sure all your social media accounts are secure

It is easy to hack into accounts these days. Your ex must know your mother’s maiden name and your date of birth, making it that much easier. The problem with social media is that it stores an immense amount of history, which may include messages from previous relationships. Replace all your passwords and go through your security questions again.

Remember that anything you do, say or post can incriminate you and ruin your chances at a successful custody case.