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3 solutions to child custody arrangement violations

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2024 | Child Custody

A child custody arrangement is used to help parents work together to raise their children. The arrangement clarifies the responsibilities and obligations to their children. Parents can use this arrangement to decide custody days and determine who is responsible for providing for their children’s basic needs. While custody arrangements are legally binding, that does not always mean a parent will follow it exactly.

A parent could fail to return their children to the other parent or struggle to provide their children with their basic needs. If a parent repeatedly violates a custody arrangement, it can create a lot of stress for the other parent and their children. The other parent can take steps to try to resolve the violation

1. Talk to the co-parent

The custody arrangement violation could be as simple as miscommunication. The non-violating parent may talk to the other parent about their worries and concerns about the violation. Parents could discuss the reason why a violation keeps happening and clarify each other’s roles and responsibilities. 

2. Adjust the arrangement

The cause of the violations could be a result of an issue with a custody order. Parents could discuss how the arrangement can be altered so the violations stop. This could mean giving one parent more time with their children or discussing how their children might be provided with their basic needs. 

3. Learn about the legal alternatives

Violations may not stop after parents work together to resolve the issues. A parent could take legal action against the other if the issues are not solved through communication. Parents typically have to take legal action when their co-parent simply refuses to cooperate.