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Grandma seeks child support from alleged killer father

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2013 | Child Support

After a man was recently accused of killing his wife with cyanide, the maternal grandmother of his child is seeking child support from him. The grandmother received custody of the child during the first week of August and has filed a petition for child support with the court that gave her custody of her grandchild. Custodial parents in Fort Lauderdale may file similar motions for child support with Florida courts.

The child’s father was a researcher, and his wife was the chief of women’s neurology at a medical center. She died three days after she became ill, and when medical staff conducted a blood test on the wife, they found that she died from a lethal level of cyanide. Police found that the husband had used a credit card to purchase approximately a half-pound of cyanide several days earlier. Police also determined that this cyanide was not related to any research that the husband was doing. Search warrants and an affidavit may show that the man had plotted to poison his wife and that he tried to postpone her medical care so that individuals would not be able to detect the presence of the cyanide. The man is currently in jail.

Another court previously had the man’s assets frozen, with the exception of a bank account, which consists of about $280,000 that is meant to pay his legal expenses. The assets that are frozen may be used to pay further legal expenses or for restitution if he is eventually convicted. The grandmother’s petition will be heard on Sept. 18.

Florida family law attorneys may help individuals who are seeking child support. They may also help modify existing orders if a material change occurs.

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