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When to make changes to a child custody schedule

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2024 | Child Custody

A child custody schedule is often made during a divorce. The schedule outlines each parent’s responsibilities and how often they have custody of their children. Typically, child custody rotates between parents, which often happens daily, weekly or monthly. Parents can work together to uphold their responsibilities to raise their children.

Over time, a custody schedule may not work. There could be obstacles that prevent parents from upholding their obligations. When this happens, it may help to alter a custody schedule. Here are a few reasons that may happen:

A parent is relocating

Many custody schedules change because a parent is moving. The move may be so that this parent has better work or living conditions, but it could create a lot of distance between them and the other parent. A custody schedule could change to accommodate the distance between parents.

A custody schedule conflicts with a job or school schedule

Many parents do not have control over their jobs and school schedules. A sudden change in their job or school schedule could conflict with their custody schedule. If this happens, parents may need to discuss what they can do so that a parent can continue to uphold their obligations.

A parent has developed a medical condition

In some cases, a parent may develop a medical condition that makes it harder for them to care for their child. This condition could cause mobility issues and physiological conditions. A parent could be struggling with a medical condition so much that they are not able to leave a hospital or healthcare facility.

It is not always easy to negotiate a new custody schedule that works for both parents and their children. It may help to talk about your custody options with legal guidance.