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Help your children adjust to transition days and 2 homes

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2020 | Child Custody

Children who have divorced parents have to learn how to live between two homes. This is a challenge that most adults wouldn’t be able to meet easily. As the child’s parent, it is up to you to try to find ways to help them learn how to make the circumstances work.

One situation that’s difficult for them to deal with is transition days. Some children dread these days because they worry that their parents will have an argument during this time. They might not realize that it is possible for parents to be on the same side and work as a parenting team.

Sometimes, the issue with transition day is that they don’t know when it is going to come. Children who have an idea about the parenting time schedule can often adjust better. Younger kids might need a countdown calendar while older kids may only need to have a copy of the schedule.

You might also be able to take some of the tension off the kids by having personal items at both homes. Children who don’t have to pack a bag with all their belongings might not find transition days as difficult. They might need to pack some favorite items, such as lovies, but they shouldn’t have to pack things like toothbrushes and basic clothing.

Make sure that you have a parenting plan that has clear terms for the situation. Everything must be based on your child’s best interests, so be sure to put them first. You might have to modify the agreement as they mature, so set things up to meet their current needs.