Now is the time to make spring break plans

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Even though spring break isn’t here yet, now is the time that you need to start thinking about plans if you’re going to travel. For divorced parents, there is a layer of planning that must go on that’s not present when both parents still reside in the same home. This is because you’ll have to let your ex know about your plans and ensure that they work with the parenting time schedule.

If you have a good parenting relationship with your ex, you might be able to negotiate the dates of the vacation or even some of the terms. Just make sure that you provide the proper notifications to your ex, so they know what to expect. This is especially important if you’re planning on taking the children on a vacation that’s out of the area, and you have a child custody order that limits where you can travel.

Another thing to think about is how your child will communicate with your ex while you’re on vacation. More than likely, they will want to share some of their memories. Making sure they have time to call their other parent and maybe even share pictures can help them to enjoy the vacation even more.

You also need to think carefully about travel plans. Trying to cut things too close or scheduling too much can make it more stressful. Leave ample time to make it to the airport or to drive to your destination. Cramming too much into a vacation can make it less relaxing than you might like.

Above all, make sure that you only make plans that are in line with your parenting plan. This keeps your child’s life stable and reduces the risk of you having legal issues when you return home.

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