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October 2012 Archives

Dual citizenship doubles the stress of a divorce

If the divorce process is like climbing a mountain, getting a divorce in another country is like scaling Mount Everest. When one of the partners has dual citizenship and is living outside the United States, the cost and time increase exponentially. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers doesn't have an exact count of two-country divorces but the evidence suggests the number is growing. Overseas courts are often a complete mystery especially when trying to resolve child custody, asset division, and visitation issues.

Handling the unfaithful spouse

Infidelity has blown up more marriages than probably any other cause. Most people who catch their partner in the act find a divorce attorney before the "I can explain" makes it out of the cheater's mouth. But it's what the aggrieved partner does next that will make all the difference when the divorce process begins. The temptation is to go ballistic. Those who handle these kinds of cases counsel calm.

What do family court judges want?

"Trepidation" probably best describes the feelings of a couple about to go to court for a child custody hearing. Even though your attorney has the case sewn up tight, it is hard not to wonder how the judge is going to approach the questions about where the children will live, what the visitation rules will be, and all the rest. The experts say the two most important considerations will be the status quo and what is in the best interest of the children.

Kramer vs. Kramer or Spy vs. Spy?

The process of catching a cheating spouse isn't what it used to be. The era of the private detective with a camera staking out a cheating partner has given way to an arsenal of electronic spy gear that consumers can purchase and use to snoop on their spouse. High technology is being used to detect infidelity, monitor child visitation, and generally get the goods on the other partner for later use in court. When lots of money is at stake in settlement negotiations, investing a few thousand dollars in gadgets can be money well spent.