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Dividing real estate during a divorce can be a tedious and complex process. This is especially true since the value of property has declined so much over the years. Certain property owned by divorcing couples is now worth less than the money that is still owed on it.

From our office in Coral Springs, Florida, the Law Offices of Mark Abzug P.A., diligently represents clients through their real estate division concerns. If you are divorcing and own multiple properties, it is critical to consult with an experienced lawyer who has dealt with these issues before.

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Guidance with Your Divorce Property Settlements and Agreements in Parkland, FL

Dividing the family home can be difficult enough for a divorcing couple to do. There are many memories and emotions tied to your house. Things become even more complex when other properties are added to the mix. From your home and investment properties to vacation homes and all other real estate, we know how to resolve the issues that you could face when valuing and dividing these assets.

Many times, a home or other real estate is only in one person’s name. This does not always mean that individual gets to keep that property. It also does not always mean that individual is responsible for the debt if the property has a mortgage on it. We can explain your options and guide you down the path that best protects your interests.

Explaining All of Your Options

There are many possible ways to go about dividing your property. If you and your ex-spouse can decide who wants what pieces of property, they can be divided up in that fashion. The property can also be sold and the proceeds split between both parties. If there is money owed on the properties, the debt can be split up equitably as well.

If no buyer can be found for the real estate you are attempting to sell, then it may go through the foreclosure process. We have helped numerous clients through the real estate division process, and we know how to help you.

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