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Located in Coral Springs, Florida, the Law Offices of Mark Abzug P.A., provides sophisticated representation regarding the division of retirement accounts. Since retirement assets are subject to equitable distribution in Florida, it is imperative to seek the counsel of a dedicated and knowledgeable lawyer who can help you protect what you have built up for your future.

Property division issues can become very complicated and should not be handled alone. If you have questions regarding the division of your retirement funds, our law firm will provide you with answers and a plan to help you achieve your retirement goals.

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Guidance With All Types of Retirement Funds in Parkland, Florida

We have provided dedicated advocacy to many clients who were attempting to secure their rights with their different types of retirement funds, including:

  • IRAs
  • Roth IRAs
  • 401(k)s
  • Stocks, bonds and other investment activities
  • Pensions

Our firm enlists the help of financial experts and tax planning specialists in order to create the most detailed and effective property division plan for you. We will analyze your entire situation and lay out all the options available to you. You can rely on our experience to help you choose the path that will best protect your rights during your divorce.

Complex Valuations of Retirement Accounts in Divorce  Parkland QDRO Lawyer

One very important aspect of retirement account division is obtaining a proper valuation of the funds. Certain retirement accounts will not be paid out for many years down the road. This makes it difficult to obtain an accurate valuation of the account today. With the help of our financial experts, we are able to obtain an accurate value, protect your rights and help you maintain your retirement goals.

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders   Coral Springs QDRO Attorney

Certain retirement accounts require that a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) be filed to properly divide the assets. If completed properly, the transfer of a portion of an individuals’ retirement is not a taxable event to either party. We work with experts in the field, including actuaries and other financial professionals in order to get court approval of your documents.

This process should not be undertaken without the guidance of an experienced attorney. If something should happen to your spouse before the QDRO is entered, it is possible that you will lose your ability to obtain the assets. Futhermore, QDROs must follow applicable federal laws and be qualified by the plan administrator of the retirement account. We can answer any questions you may have and help you through all of these issues to ensure you are protected.

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