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A Coral Springs Lawyer Helping Families With Guardian Ad Litem Issues

Are you a mother or father that needs assistance working with a guardian ad litem? A skilled family law attorney can help.

Located in Coral Springs, Florida, the Law Offices of Mark Abzug, P.A., provides assistance to those who have had a guardian ad litem appointed to their case. It is the job of the guardian ad litem to protect the best interests of the children they represent. The guardian does this by presenting accurate and timely information to the judge in order to show what needs to be done to ensure the child’s safety and health. We can help make sure that you present the critical information necessary to protect your interests and your family.

At our family law firm, we provide a client-centered approach and offer effective legal solutions to your problems. Contact an experienced family lawyer online or call 954-840-8883. We offer free initial consultations.

A Compassionate Parkand Family Attorney

A guardian ad litem is a neutral party assigned by a judge to gather facts and report them back to the court. He or she will initiate an investigation by meeting with both parents and also obtaining the names and addresses of people that have information regarding the parenting skills and relationship each parent has with the children. The guardian ad litem can access medical records, school records and is allowed to speak with anyone that may have relevant information regarding the children, including coaches, teachers, doctors, other family members and friends.

It is important for the parties to have a positive relationship with the guardian ad litem, because he or she is in a unique position to give insight into the case and to the court. Judges put a large amount of weight on the opinions of guardians, making it critical to have an attorney who will present accurate information to the guardian while maximizing the positives and minimizing any negatives in your case.

As an experienced family law firm, we are very familiar with all of the services required of a guardian ad litem, including:

  • Presenting facts to the court regarding the protection of the best interests of the child
  • Assisting the court in obtaining recommendations from experts in the field
  • Conducting an investigation of any and all facts related to the health and safety of the child
  • Advising on custody agreements, parenting plans, financial needs, educational matters and health concerns

We will use our understanding of the guardian’s roles to explain your rights to you and show you how to best approach the guardian assigned to your case.

Reasons for Appointing a Guardian Ad Litem

The main reason the court will appoint a guardian ad litem is to ensure that the best interests of the children involved are protected. This can occur when a parent is deemed to be mentally or physically unfit to raise the child. The need for a guardian can also arise when very complex matters are being considered, such as third-party visitation, third-party custody, domestic abuse and equal parenting time.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale Attorney Regarding Your Guardian Ad Litem Issues

To schedule a free initial consultation, please call a family law attorney at 954-840-8883 or contact us today. We will discuss any guardian ad litem questions you may have and explain your options regarding how to protect the best interest of the child involved.