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The Florida judicial system has available measures in place to protect you or your children from abuse. If you are being abused by a family member or other intimate person, you can petition the court for a type of protective order. Once granted, a violation of the conditions in the order is a criminal matter.

At the Law Offices of Mark Abzug, P.A., we work quickly to get you relief from domestic violence in the Coral Springs area. We understand the urgency of your situation. Contact a divorce and restraining order lawyer in Broward County to learn more about the domestic violence injunctions in Florida.

Guidance From a Parkland Lawyer Experienced With Domestic Violence Claims

There are two types of domestic violence injunctions in Florida. You can petition the court for an injunction for protection against domestic violence as permitted under Florida Statute §741.30. To qualify for this type of order, you must be related to the abuser, live with the abuser or share children with the abuser. You must also have a reasonable belief that an act of violence is going to be committed against you or an act of violence was already committed against you. If granted, the protective order acts like a restraining order, limiting the contact and interaction between the victim and the abuser. The injunction restrains the abuser from committing further acts of domestic violence.

If your relationship does not qualify for the protection against domestic violence injunction, other options, such as an injunction for protection against repeat violence, sexual violence or dating violence under F.S. §784.046, are also available. The relationship requirement is less strict. If granted, the injunction operates in the same manner by restraining future domestic violence against the person who sought the injunction.

The Effects of an Injunction on Your Divorce

Obtaining a domestic violence injunction or protective order can greatly impact your divorce. Your rights to child custody, visitation, time sharing, and child support can all be affected dramatically if an injunction of domestic violence is entered against you or your spouse. We understand the different consequences these charges can have, and we have the skills required to protect your rights.

After an order is requested, there is an evidentiary hearing that is held. At this hearing, both parties have an opportunity to explain their side of the story. It is critical to have a skilled lawyer in your corner to ensure that your interests are protected and your story is fully heard. An order for protection can last for a year or longer depending on your situation, making it even more critical to consult with a family law attorney.

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We understand that domestic violence or spousal abuse in the home affects the entire family. When you need legal help for a domestic violence injunction, we can also assist with your other family law needs, including:

We are experienced and committed to maintaining a strong attorney-client relationship. When you are dealing with domestic violence, we provide an open ear to listen to your concerns. With each meeting, we tailor our legal advice to your individual circumstances. When you come to the Law Offices of Mark Abzug, P.A., you can be assured that you will receive competent and caring family law representation.

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