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Divorcing Outside of Florida

Family Law Clients Outside of Florida / Out of State Clients

Divorcing Your Spouse When You Live In Another State

When Broward County or Palm Beach County has jurisdiction over your case, and you don’t live in the area, we can help you. At the Law Offices of Mark Abzug, P.A., represent clients with all family law matters in Broward and Palm Beach County regardless of where our clients live.

You do not need to live in Florida to have a family law issue, such as divorce, in a Florida court. Whether you live locally or you live far from Florida, we will handle your case. When you have a family law issue in Broward County or Palm Beach County, contact us or call 954-753-1003. Our office is located in Coral Springs, Florida.

Experienced Family Law Attorney in Coral Springs, Florida

In the event that you have a family law case in the State of Florida, it is always best to be represented by an attorney who is familiar with the rules of procedure and the laws of the State of Florida. Regardless of where you reside, we will represent you in Broward or Palm Beach County in the following types of cases:

We routinely represent clients who are divorcing in Florida, but do not live in Florida. If you were married in Broward County, it is likely that Broward County has jurisdiction over your divorce. We assist out-of-state divorce clients by handling all issues related to the divorce. We file the paperwork, negotiate on your behalf and attend hearings in court to argue persuasively for you.

Advanced Technology Keeps Out-of State Clients Informed

Even if you do not live in the Coral Springs area, we will use advanced technology, including e-mail and the internet, to keep you up to date on the progress of your divorce or other family law matter.

Out-of-state family law clients benefit from our straightforward approach. We keep out-of-state clients informed of their rights in Florida while protecting their interests in Broward and Palm Beach County courts. We also pride ourselves on maintaining strong attorney-client relationships.

Contact Us

Our law office is located in Coral Springs, Florida. To schedule a free initial consultation, please call an out-of-state divorce and family law lawyer at 954-753-1003 or contact us today.