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Contempt Child Support Enforcement Lawyer Coral Springs

Parkland Lawyer Enforcing Child Custody Agreements

After your divorce if finalized, you may realize that you need additional legal assistance to enforce the divorce decree, child support order or other related divorce order. At the Law Offices of Mark Abzug, P.A. we represent clients in enforcement proceedings.

Contact a family law enforcement lawyer at our law firm in Coral Springs, Florida. We handle contempt and enforcement proceedings in communities surrounding Coral Springs, such as Parkland, Margate and Coconut Creek. Whether you are bringing an enforcement action or defending against an action, we provide you with skilled legal representation.

Florida Child Support and Child Custody Enforcement

There are many ways the State of Florida encourages compliance with court orders. Wage garnishment, contempt of court and serious fines all encourage compliance. If you need legal assistance with any type of divorce or order enforcement, we will help. We handle enforcement proceedings, such as:

  • Enforcement of child support: We will take your case to court for back payment of child support if the person obligated to pay is 15 days late in making a payment.
  • Enforcement of spousal support or alimony: We handle enforcement of spousal support or alimony by filing a motion for contempt against your ex-spouse for failure to comply.
  • Enforcement of custody or parenting plans: If the other party is not upholding their end of the parenting or custody plan, we can help.

After an enforcement action has occurred pursuant to F.S. § 61.14 and the court determined that the support should have been paid, the state uses many ways to secure payment. The State of Florida uses different methods to get parents to pay for support when they have been delinquent in paying:

  • Issue an arrest warrant/incarceration
  • Suspend driver’s license
  • Take IRS tax refunds
  • Garnish wages or unemployment benefits
  • Place liens on car, boat or other personal property
  • Report past due support to credit agencies

The consequences of failing to pay for child support, spousal support or alimony can be significant. If you are struggling to pay for support, it is best to seek a support modification rather than not pay the support.

Contempt of a Child Support Order

If you have been accused of not paying child support, you may be found in contempt of a court order. The court can impose jail time and fines if you are in contempt of a child support order. The court may also garnish your wages to prevent future arrears of your required child support payments.

We represent people who are bringing contempt allegations to court as well as those who are defending contempt orders. We will persuasively argue on your behalf to protect your interests in court.

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