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January 2013 Archives

Florida woman wants her half of estranged husband's lottery winnings

A Florida woman is finally getting her day in court to discuss her estranged husband's legal responsibilities. The woman claims that her husband was part of a lottery pool with co-workers at American Airlines where he worked in 2007. The group won a lottery valued at an estimated $19 million. According to reports, the husband kept his winnings a secret from his wife. By the time she conducted an Internet search and discovered the truth, her husband had disappeared.The woman began an arduous legal battle for the proper division of marital property. In 2008, she attempted to bring her husband to court but was unable to locate him. The court eventually dropped her case due to a lack of evidence.

Grey divorce brings changes for retirement

A study from Bowling Green University's National Center for Family & Marriage Research revealed that more couples are divorcing later in life. As many Florida residents may already know, this can be attributed to longer life spans and a more liberal acceptance of divorce, among other factors. Regardless of when a couple decides on the dissolution of marriage, the ramifications can drastically alter the future plans of each individual. Couples who are going through a divorce later in life have different aspects to consider than younger couples deciding to separate. One of the more challenging aspects of grey divorce is the dividing up of financial assets that have been earned and co-mingled over a longer period of time. And retirement goals can be drastically altered in a grey divorce as well.

Advocates hope for Florida alimony reform

Advocates for Florida alimony reform are hoping to reintroduce a bill that would modify Florida's existing alimony laws. Advocates claim to have some sponsors in the legislature who will attempt to accomplish this goal; the bill was originally considered last year, but it languished in the Senate.The sponsors include Rep. Ritch Workman and Sen. Kelli Stargel. Workman has issued a press release in which he states that the bill seeks to clarify the law and to ensure that it is fair to all parties. Advocates are hoping to make several changes to existing alimony laws, including removing the existence of permanent alimony and establishing retirement for individuals who pay alimony at the age for federal retirement as well as for individuals of the standard retirement age in professions that are categorized as high risk.

Divorce and Social Security

When couples are in a dispute regarding property division, they may not be in agreement regarding real estate they own, money and liquid assets. However, many couples may not be aware that they may be entitled to future benefits, including a portion of retirement accounts and Social Security benefits. According to a spokesman of the Social Security Administration's press office, there are some situations in which a spouse can receive benefits from a spouse's Social Security benefits whom he or she divorced. In order to receive benefits, the marriage must have lasted 10 years or more. Additionally, the person must be unmarried and not be entitled to a higher amount of benefits based on his or her own employment record. The person must be at least 62 years old before he or she can collect these benefits. Furthermore, the ex-spouse must be eligible to receive their own Social Security benefits even if he or she has not yet applied for them. However, if the ex-spouse is not yet receiving his benefits, the couple must have been divorced for at least two years before the other spouse can collect on the benefits.

New York man fled halfway across the world to dodge child support

A man was recently apprehended for failing to pay child support after he fled halfway across the world to dodge payments. The 50 year-old man was taken in by authorities in the Philippines. The man was from Long Island, New York, and ran a car auction business in the city. He had two children by an American woman and another child by a woman who lives in Thailand. The man allegedly lived 10 years underground in order to avoid his child support obligations. He first fled to Florida and then moved to Thailand to avoid child support payments of $375 per week per child. The court order was established after he divorced his first wife. As of now, the man currently owes $1.2 million in back child support.