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May 2013 Archives

Legal system encourages child support abuse

Florida residents may be interested to hear about a dispute involving actor Charlie Sheen and his estranged wife, Brooke Mueller. The couple's twins were being raised by Denise Richards, Sheen's first wife, while Mueller received drug rehabilitation treatment. Now, Mueller seeks to remove the children from Richard's care. Sheen's lawyers believe that Mueller is seeking custody because child support from Sheen is her only source of income. Mueller receives $55,000 per month.

Dividing the Spoils of War

With nearly half of the marriages in America ending in divorce, creating a barrier between your soon to be ex and your assets is a smart precaution to take. However, most Florida individuals believe that a prenup is the only way to protect assets during a division of marital property. Actually, there are many alternatives to protect your assets, most of which do not even have to be revealed to a spouse in a legal agreement at all.

Can a spouse take half a life insurance policy?

A question that often arises in a divorce action is what is done with insurance policies. Many Florida residents may wonder whether they can claim a portion of a former spouse's life insurance policy during property division if they are listed as the beneficiary of the policy.

In Florida, fathers have no rights to children born of rape

On April 30, the Florida legislature unanimously passed a bill that would prevent a convicted rapist from exercising any custody rights over a child that is born as a result of the sexual assault committed upon the child's mother. The bill previously passed the Senate. It will be presented to Governor Christie for a signature prior to becoming law.

Mako enters patent agreement with Stanmore

Mako Surgical Corp entered into a settlement with Stanmore Implants Worldwide Ltd. over a patent dispute. The settlement denoted that Mako will receive Stanmore's robotic business assets as well as its intellectual property. Furthermore, Mako has agreed to drop its patent-infringement litigation in two federal courts and the U.S. International Trade Commission, and Stanmore will withdraw from robotics. The dispute between Mako and Stanmore revolved around computerized surgical devices and software. Mako is a Florida-based company, and Stanmore is a London-based company that received U.S. regulatory approval to market one of its products that is used for knee surgery. Stanmore's Sculptor Robotic Guidance Arm competed with Mako's RIO Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopetic system. By securing the property division of its competitor, Mako has effectively taken a potential robotic competitor off the market, says an analyst.