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September 2013 Archives

Support, custody arrangements in child's best interests

Florida families may be interested in an opinion piece on how best to deal with child custody and visitation issues when parents separate. In an online article, a senior policy analyst with the Center for American Progress's poverty and prosperity program says that more reforms are needed in this area.

Dividing retirement assets during divorce

Florida couples contemplating a divorce might be interested to learn that they should not put off dividing up their retirement assets. Although sometimes couples are eager to hurry up and get the divorce process over so they can begin to move on with their lives, there are some easily overlooked issues that could prove to be quite important. Financial advisors say that splitting up retirement assets is an issue that couples should ensure they take care of during their divorce proceedings, or they may regret it later on.

Shellie Zimmerman files for divorce

George Zimmerman, known around the country for his recent Florida trial involving the shooting of a teenager from Sanford, is in the news again because his wife is filing for divorce. According to what Shellie Zimmerman said in an interview with ABC news, the trial put a strain on the couple's marriage. The paperwork filed states that they have been separated since Aug. 13 and that the marriage is irretrievably broken.

US rep moves to block rapists from child custody

A U.S. Congresswoman from southern Florida introduced legislation that she claims will protect rape survivors from further abuse by their rapists in July, and following its approval in her home state, she is currently encouraging other states to adopt the act. She proposed that in situations in which a pregnancy occurs from a rape, full child custody should automatically go to the mother.