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December 2013 Archives

Student loans as marital debt

When Florida couples divorce, it may be very difficult to determine who gets what. Courts take into account many different factors to determine the fair and equitable division of marital property; however, the same applies to debts such as student loans, which may be classified as separate or marital debt depending on the circumstances.

Paying alimony in Florida may have a potential tax break

Getting divorced in Ft. Lauderdale can be stressful, but there might be one silver lining available for the payer of a spousal support award. Alimony payments may be deductible on federal income tax filings if specific requirements are met.

Trust fund distributions are fair game for garnishment by ex

Well-meaning parents wanting to ensure passage of adult children's inheritances into trusts often wish to keep the intended beneficiary's former spouse from asserting any claim to trust funds in case of divorce and possible alimony. In states such as Pennsylvania, this may not be the case. Article 5 of the Uniform Trust Code, UTC, shields assets held by discretionary or spendthrift trusts from creditor claims but does not disturb the legal rights of children and former spouses of primary beneficiaries to entrusted assets.

Women go to court over custody of pet

For many pet owners living in Florida, a couple going to court over custody of a dog may not be particularly surprising. Many individuals consider their pets to a be a member of their family. As a result of two women's attachment to their 2-year-old pet dog, the New York couple is litigating who will end up with the canine.