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March 2014 Archives

Same-sex couple seeks divorce in Florida, judge postpones hearing

For some people, determining how to divide property during a divorce isn't difficult. The two parties work together to come up with an agreement. The divorce settlement is signed by both parties, the judge accepts the settlement, and the couple is able to divorce. Unfortunately, that isn't always what happens. One same-sex couple in Florida is learning just how difficult it is to divorce in the state since it has banned same-sex marriages.

Allegations of domestic violence follow Florida divorce filing

Going through a divorce when you are under the scrutiny of the public is difficult. When that divorce includes allegations of domestic violence, the difficulty increases. For Florida Representative Alan Grayson, allegations from his estranged wife are coming out.

Florida man who paid child support arrested for failure to pay

Anyone who has children and has been ordered to pay child support should make sure that they fully understand the child support order to prevent problems from occurring. One man in Florida was recently arrested for failure to pay child support. In this case, however, the support payments come directly out of his paycheck.

Dealing with division of marital property in Florida

When you get married, you likely think that the union will last forever. You probably aren't thinking about what will happen if the marriage doesn't work out. When the marriage ends, dealing with the financial aspects of the divorce can prove to be a challenge. There are, however, some basic points to consider if you are getting a divorce.