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June 2015 Archives

Parenting plans are at the core of a child custody agreement

In our last few posts, we have discussed matters relating to child support and child custody. All of those posts bring to mind a very important point -- parenting plans are a vital component of all matters such as these. A parenting plan is the child custody agreement that you can turn to for answers to many questions.

Child support might be modified based on a change in income

Paying child support is an important part of being a parent if your child doesn't live with you. In some cases, you might feel like child support payments are something of a burden. This might be the case if you have gotten a new job in which you aren't earning as much as your previous job. In some cases, you might be able to seek a modification of child support payments to help reduce the amount you have to pay so that it meets the requirements that pertain to the amount you earn now.

Child support: How an attorney can help

When determining the amount of the child support obligation, most states start with a general formula. This formula takes into consideration how many children are a part of the order, the income of both parties and any costs incurred by one or both parties for childcare or medical expenses related to the children. While this may seem fairly cut and dried, it can be anything but.