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August 2015 Archives

High-asset divorces and hidden assets

Hidden assets are a possibility in any divorce, but it is often a little easier to hide funds or physical assets, such as a house or recreational vehicle, if the couple had substantial assets or incomes. In any high asset divorce it is of the utmost importance that all of the assets and income streams are reported accurately to the courts so that the divorce settlement can proceed accordingly.

Actress must continue custody battle in another country

Actress Kelly Rutherford is refuting claims that she kidnapped her children by initially refusing to return them back to their father, Daniel Giersch. According to media reports, Rutherford allowed the children to be in contact with their father on a daily basis and says that she was not given the opportunity to explain her actions in court.

Who makes the educational decisions for our disabled child?

Parenting a special needs child can be very difficult, but these challenges can increase exponentially when the parents are divorced. If you and your ex have trouble communicating without hostility, it can seem impossible to agree on how to handle your child's educational needs. However, with a little bit of patience and sometimes a little help from the courts, these issues can be resolved.

The fight over real estate during divorce

Couples going through a divorce might find that they have plenty to disagree on or divide -- from where children will go to school to who gets Aunt Linda's antique vase -- and settling questions and disagreements can be time-consuming and stressful. One area where property division is getting increasingly complex is real estate.