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November 2015 Archives

Can social media be a problem in a divorce?

You may love social media. It makes it easy to interact with people you wouldn't otherwise see, you can quickly share pictures and updates and it simply offers a lot of fun—and a way to kill time. If you're getting divorced in Florida, though, it may not seem so fun if it has a negative impact on your proceedings.

What happens to my child support if I go to jail?

Being the paying parent in a child support order is a big responsibility. The other parent often relies on these payments coming on time and in full to ensure that the children receive basic necessities such as food, clothing and school supplies. However, even parents who are very committed to their child support obligations sometimes have unfortunate circumstances arise which can make it very difficult or impossible to continue making child support payments. One of these is being incarcerated.

What should I do if I've been accused of abuse?

One of the most difficult parts of family law is when a parent is facing involuntary termination of his or her parental rights. While each state has its own specific guidelines on what constitutes legal grounds for the termination of parental rights, this usually becomes part of the discussions when there is evidence to support allegations of child abuse or neglect, abandonment, severe mental illness of the parent or ongoing issues with drug or alcohol. It is also possible to lose your parental rights if you have been convicted of certain violent felonies against a family member.

Gray divorces and asset division

No matter what stage of life you are in, divorce is never easy, but in recent decades, there has been an increase in senior divorces. These divorces may seem easier at first since there are usually no minor children involved, and therefore, no child support or custody issues. However, divorcing later in life — often after decades of marriage — bring particular challenges to the property division process.