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June 2016 Archives

Providing financial support

Child support is a very emotional issue in many divorce and is responsible for a great many conflicts. One of the main factors in this is when one parent feels he or she is being held responsible for an unfair portion of the financial support of the children. However, it's important to understand that the law requires that both parents provide their share of the financial support. This just plays out differently in practice depending on the individual situation.

Alimony might help you to get your new life started

When you get a divorce, you will likely go from two incomes to one or from one income to no income. That doesn't mean that your expenses are going to go down at all. Instead, you will have normal expenses plus legal fees and other expenses associated with the divorce to think about. There are some cases in which you might qualify for alimony. Finding out if you qualify for this spousal support is crucial if you think that you will need financial help to get your new life started.

Protect your inheritance in the event of a divorce down the road

A loved one who leaves you with an inheritance likely expected that you would be the person to enjoy it. Ensuring that the inheritance won't be taken from you if you end up getting a divorce is crucial. Whether you received the inheritance before you were married or after, you can still take steps to keep it protected.

Think about your future when considering property division issues

Real estate division during a divorce is something that can lead to you starting your new life with a good financial backing or starting your new life with your head barely above water. It is crucial that you fully understand what you are getting your hands on when you are going through the property division process.