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July 2016 Archives

Woman threatened with loss of custody if surgery is not done

A woman who founded an organization in Florida after her daughter's battle with cancer recently told the story of how that all began, and she even revealed that she was threatened with the loss of custody of her daughter if she did not go along with what the doctors said.

Study shows women end up farther in debt later in life

When many people think of their golden years, they envision traveling the country or spending time visiting with friends and family. However, retirement isn't always this idyllic, and many are finding that their finances and debt levels are seriously impacting their quality of life.

How do you work vacation around the custody schedule?

Your finally getting used to the parenting schedule and have a good idea of whose weekend is whose. Then summer arrives. The children are out of school, the regular routine is no more and your thinking about a vacation. If you're a divorced parent, you'll need to work your vacation schedule around the custody order and your ex's plans.

Can you pay alimony with a lump sum?

Typically, alimony in Florida is used when a spouse is dependent on the other spouse financially. At the time of the divorce, that spouse may not have the means to support himself or herself. This is especially true when the person quits a career to get married and raise a family, and he or she hasn't worked in years. It's not always a simple matter to get back into the workforce, and the courts recognize that person expected to be taken care of when the wedding occurred, making life decisions based on that knowledge.

Honesty is crucial in child support cases

Raising a child is expensive, especially for a single parent. That is one of the reasons why child support is a factor when parents aren't in a relationship any longer. In fact, parents can turn to the court to get the court to order a non-custodial parent to pay child support. No matter which side of a child support case you are on, we can help you to learn about how Florida child support laws can affect you.