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February 2017 Archives

Sole custody still comes with some strings attached

Child custody matters are often difficult for parents to work through. If one parent isn't interested in seeing the child or if there are other circumstances that mean one parent can't have an active part in the child's life, the other parent will likely be granted sole custody. Understanding what this means can help you to determine how you should move forward with things pertaining to your child.

Plan properly for a divorce later in life

Once you have been married for decades, you might think that you are immune to the possibility of divorce. This isn't the case because divorces later in life are becoming more common. Even if you have been married a long time, you should still plan properly if you find out your marriage is ending.

Emotional ties can make property division hard

Going through a divorce doesn't exactly bring out the best in most people. If your ex is trying to play hardball and keep everything that you accumulated during your marriage, you may want to just let him or her have it so you can be done with having to deal with him or her. While this is understandable, it certainly might not be in your best interests.

Know your options regarding child support orders

There are two options that you have available when it comes to matters related to child support. One is that you can present your case to the court and let the court decide what you are going to pay in child support. The other is that you can work with your ex to come to an agreement. In both cases, you would ultimately end up with a child support order.

Divorce cases come with very personal concerns

No matter how old you are, a divorce is a huge upheaval in your life. In our previous blog post, we discussed how divorces later in life have special considerations. These divorces often come with more assets than divorces that occur earlier; however, even young people who are going through a divorce need to ensure they are protecting their future, too.

Florida law sets considerations for property division

Property division in Florida can be a difficult issue for people going through a divorce. Unlike some other states, Florida law doesn't stipulate that assets and debts have to be split down the middle. Instead, the law deems that all assets and debts must be divided equitably. This means that you and your ex won't necessarily get equal settlements when the property is divided.