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July 2018 Archives

Argumentative co-parents can cause challenging situations

In all child custody matters, the child can fare the best if the parents can work together to adjust the flexible aspects of the agreement to suit the child's needs. There are some instances in which this won't be possible; however, you and your ex need to evaluate the underlying concerns to determine if the reason for the difficulties is that the adults are letting their own feelings get in the way of doing what's best for the children.

Divorce might lead to parenting style changes

Raising children is challenging. When you have to balance your style with another person's, the difficulty is raised a notch. Some parents might think that raising the kids will be easier if they just did it by themselves. Even though you might not have another adult right there to give input about what's going on, you will still have to consider the other parent's wishes as you make decisions for the children.

Same-sex couples face challenges with divorce property division

With the updates to laws that make same-sex marriages equal to opposite-sex ones, people might think that there aren't any unique challenges to divorce cases. This isn't the case. Same-sex couples do have some concerns when a marriage ends that aren't present for others.

Assets and debts must be divided in the divorce process

One aspect of divorce that is true in almost all cases is that assets and debts have to be divided between the two parties. In some cases, this is a simple process but it can also be very difficult if there are complex elements present. We realize that you might not be interested in trying to work through these matters with your ex, but this has to happen for the divorce to end.