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September 2018 Archives

Address stress from divorce that impacts your children

Divorce can make even the most peaceful person stressed. There is also a chance that your stress is going to transfer to your children. This isn't an ideal situation since stress can impact every aspect of the child's life. You should be aware of signs of stress in your children and be prepared to address them.

Asset and debt division is often complex

Asset division in a divorce is a challenge for people who have amassed a large asset portfolio. The difficulties that come with this are often greater when you have multiple types of assets. Oftentimes, these cases will take a while to work through because of the valuation process. We know this can seem like a nightmare when you are ready for the marriage to be over.

Uninsured medical expenses can be challenging matters

Child support payments cover many of the normal expenses involved in raising a child. Any parent who receives these payments can tell you that there are many costs of raising a child that aren't covered by child support. One area that can be particularly troublesome is medical care.

Have the right mindset during child custody matters

Once you and your ex determined that you were dissolving your marriage, you also made the decision to raise your children in two different homes. This is a difficult situation for the children because everything they've known is changing. It is also challenging for you because you have to figure out how to navigate the new situation while you are also helping the children to adjust to the new way of life.