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November 2018 Archives

Property division can impact you well into the future

The property division process during a divorce can be one of the most difficult aspects of leaving the marriage. Each party likely has an idea of what they want to walk away with. When both adults agree on this, the process is easy. When you both want to the same assets, there can be a problem.

Factors that impact your divorce-related finances

Dividing marital assets can become a headache if there are many to split. Anyone who is facing this possibility needs to ensure that they are thinking about their current financial situation and how the various division options might affect their futures. It is easy to overestimate what you can handle when you are going through a divorce because you're so accustomed to dual marital finances.

The division of assets and debts is important during divorce

The property division process of a divorce is often filled with emotion, but the need for logic is also present. You have to think carefully about how various arrangements will impact you since they can change the course of your life. We know that you might have a list of the assets that you want to keep. Before you go into the first mediation session, look through that list. Decide which priorities on which to focus so that you are prepared going into the meeting.

Teach your children that personal boundaries are healthy

Teaching your children life lessons can be difficult after a divorce, partially because you and your ex might not always agree on these lessons. One that you should be able to agree on is how to set and respect personal boundaries. This is a critical lesson for children.

Plan for an uptick in bills during the holiday season

Child support plays an important role in helping to raise your children. This is especially true during the holiday season when some parents see an uptick in expenses. Not only are they planning for the gifts they want to give the children, but there might also be other things that are slightly more expensive during this time of year. We know that it can be hard to live on a tight budget, but you must ensure that you are paying the financial support for your children on time, all the time.