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April 2019 Archives

Uninsured medical expenses should be in the support order

People who share a child and who aren't in a relationship any longer will have a child support order in place. While this is usually associated with regularly occurring payments from one parent to the other for the child, there is another point that is usually covered in these orders – medical care costs.

Parenting time schedules vary for summer months

Most children want to spend time with both parents. The summer is a time when this might be easier to work out since there isn't any school schedule to work around. Instead of trying to balance work schedules and the child's school schedule, you only have to think about the employment hours. This leaves both parents free to enjoy extra time with the kids.

Know the classifications of assets during a divorce

Property division matters during a divorce can be difficult to handle, but knowing what to expect and learning about the options can help you as you go through it. In Florida, the premise that is used for property division is equitable distribution. This doesn't mean that everything will be equal but that it will be fair.

Child care plans for summer shouldn't be put off

With the summer months coming up, parents are starting to make plans for their children. For parents who have a parenting time agreement, this might not be as easy as what you might think. The summer might be segmented, which can make it difficult to plan for. Still, you should try to do this as early as possible so that you aren't left trying to stress over last-minute plans.