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December 2012 Archives

Dennis Rodman ordered to pay $500K in child support

Dennis Rodman, former basketball star, has been ordered to make back child support payments in the amount of $500,000 to his ex-wife. He was found in contempt of court for failure to comply with a child support order. Rodman was also sentenced to informal probation in lieu of incarceration but could face jail if he does not pay the child support he owes. The $500,000 figure was reached by agreement between Rodman and his ex-wife, who initially claimed he owed her $850,000 in back child support payments.Rodman's attorney claims that the arrearage is the result of a misunderstanding in which Rodman misunderstood the terms of payment of child support, accidentally paying too small an amount. Previous attorneys apparently missed a deadline to have the earlier payment order set aside, resulting in Rodman's contempt charge.

Disabled parents are losing custody of their children

When Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act, the intent was to protect people with mental and physical disabilities. However, parents with disabilities face a legal quagmire when it comes to retaining child custody. Many states have laws regarding the ability to care for a child if one is disability. The criteria various but, in general, the law allows for removal of the children from their home or outright termination parental rights. To add to the worries, every state allows disability to be factored into deciding custody issues. Sometimes, disease can be considered a disability. One mom from North Carolina believes her advanced breast cancer played a role in her ex-husband gaining custody of her children. She waged a Facebook war to raise awareness for parents in similar situations.

Reassessing Florida alimony

Couples marry, have children and raise them together. When the kids leave home, however, sometimes the parents find themselves staring at each other, wondering what they have in common. Increasingly, divorce follows. One parent might even have quit working or taken a huge pay cut to stay home with the children. He or she will now need to upgrade their expertise or change careers in this new season of life if they divorce. The spouses will have to go through property division first, dividing such assets as life earnings, such as savings, IRA accounts or real estate. One spouse will often be ordered to pay alimony during this time of transition. But in Florida, a judge can order alimony payments until the spouse who didn't work or made less money remarries or until one of them dies.