Miami “Housewife” files for divorce

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Marysol Patton, a star of “Real Housewives of Miami,” has filed for divorcdie from her French husband. In spite of the dissolution of marriage, the reality star claims that she and her husband are on good terms.

The marriage was short-lived, however, lasting only 2.5 years. Patton and her husband were married in March 2010. However, just a few years later, they were unable to continue the marriage due to personal problems and issues.

The actress blames her television career, in part, on the failure of the marriage. Patton states that at the time of the filming of the show, she was dealing with a sick father, parents who had separated, the divorce action, and a busy filming schedule. Patton is a public relations firm president in Miami and works full-time. She admits to putting her work ahead of most other things in her life, and believes this may have contributed to the failure of her current marriage.

While high-asset divorces such as these prompt a great deal of public interest, the issues at stake in such an action are not much different from those experienced by every divorcing couple except in the matter of scope. All couples who divorce need sound legal advice to work out a settlement that is agreeable and fair to both parties. A divorce attorney can represent one of the partners to protect his or her interests and ensure that any proposed agreements will provide adequate financial support in the years to come.

Source: Huffington Post, “‘Real Housewives Of Miami’ Star, Marysol Patton, Calls It Quits With Husband,” Dec. 14, 2012

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