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April 2014 Archives

Divorce and child custody: Reducing your child's stress

When parents get divorced, it is no secret that the children are affected by the split. Some parents try to protect their children from the things going on in the divorce, but other parents like to involve the children so they know what is going on. Regardless of how parents choose to relay the happenings of the divorce to the children, there are often things the children think about but are too scared or worried to say to their parents. Florida parents might be interested in learning what some of these thoughts might be so they can use the information to make the divorce as smooth as possible for the children.

Mistakes women make during divorce property division

Almost everyone who is going through a divorce has likely heard the advice that you should protect your own interests in the divorce settlement. For women who are going through a divorce, there are two ways that they might get hurt in the divorce settlement without even realizing it. Florida women who are facing the dissolution of their marriage should keep these in mind.

Florida statute would deal with foreign laws in state court cases

Dealing with a divorce is difficult for almost everyone who has to go through it. Knowing the applicable laws that govern divorces in Florida might prove to be a challenge for some people. That challenge is often complicated when one of the parties who is divorcing tries to bring foreign laws, such as Sharia, into the already complex divorce proceedings. The Florida Senate Rules Committee currently has a statute that might change the way that divorce cases involving foreign laws are handled. SB 368, which has been approved by other committees, is based on similar bills in other states.

Bode Miller faces child support issues

Paying child support is something that some people accept they will have to do if they have a child with someone and the relationship doesn't work out. In some cases, the parent who doesn't have custody of the child willingly helps out with the expenses until a child support order is completed. In other cases, covering expenses for the child is only done after a court orders the person to pay child support. Bode Miller's son's mother, who is an ex-Marine, is claiming that the champion skier hasn't helped out at all with the expenses for their 13-month-old son.