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July 2014 Archives

Florida same-sex marriage roller coaster affects same-sex divorce

The issue of same-sex marriage is an up and down fight for people who are in a same-sex relationship and want to get married in Florida. The roller coaster ride is still ongoing, partially thanks to a Florida law that says if a public official loses a court case and chooses to appeal, an automatic stay is issued. That is what is going on in Florida now with same-sex marriage, which also impacts same-sex divorce.

Perils of military life: Laws, deployments and child custody

People who are serving in the military aren't always free to just jump on a plane or hop in the car to go to court proceedings or other important events. This can make it hard for people who are in the military to fight for custody of their children. With all of the military installations in Florida, it is important that people in Florida know about some of the special protections afforded to servicemembers while they are on active deployments.

Florida divorce rate, cost, and wait are considerable

When it comes to filing for a divorce, there isn't always a good time to get the papers filed. Finances might get in the way. Time might slip away from you. Both of those events for a person who is filing for a divorce in Florida might be real issues. Information from FindTheBest.com shows that there are several unattractive points of getting a divorce in Florida when you compare the state's divorce process to other states.

An interesting effect of divorce might soon be evident in Florida

When people think of divorce, they often think of the immediate affects of the dissolution of marriage. Very few people think about how the divorce rate might affect the country in decades to come. Florida residents might be particularly interested in learning how divorce rates could affect elderly baby boomers in years to come.