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November 2014 Archives

Holiday visitation schedules don't have to ruin the festivities

The holidays are a time for family. They are a time for good cheer. They are a time for merrymaking. Sadly, divorced parents aren't always able to enjoy the togetherness, good cheer, and merrymaking because of having to deal with child custody and visitation issues. Our readers in Florida might like to know some ideas for making this holiday season one that is full of awesome memories.

What is division of marital liabilities in Florida?

Many people work hard to get their credit score up. Some of those people can live their entire life knowing that they have good credit. For others, however, a situation out of their control ruins their credit score in a way that negates all their hard work. One of those situations is divorce. Many people don't realize that going through a divorce can wreck havoc on their credit score. While it isn't true in all cases, it is possible for your ex to ruin your credit long after the divorce. Our readers in Florida might like to learn how this might happen.

Financial tips for people going through a divorce in Florida

Remember last week when we told you that a divorce can destroy your credit? That post might have some people who are going through a divorce worried about the lasting effect of the divorce. We don't want you to worry that much, so we are going to discuss some options you have that might help you to ensure your credit and your financial status aren't negatively affected by your divorce.

Marital liabilities can affect your credit long after the divorce

When you are going through a divorce, issues like child custody, alimony, child support and property division likely come to mind. While these are all important aspects of the divorce, it is necessary to delve a little bit deeper into the property division aspect to fully understand just how much your future can be affected by a divorce. The way the divorce might affect your credit is one of these aspects that our Florida readers should consider.