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March 2015 Archives

A variety of factors can lead up to a divorce

Generally, people think of divorce as something that happens when couples just can't get along anymore. That isn't necessarily the case. There are specific life events that can lead up to a divorce. Knowing what those events are might help some people to realize what actually caused their divorce while helping others to avoid divorce.

Parenting plans are a personal child custody arrangement

When you and your child's other parent go through a divorce or are no longer in a relationship, you have to work with the other parent to decide how to parent your child. Part of that can come through creating a parenting plan with the child's other parent. We can help our Florida readers to come up with a parenting plan that helps to cover a variety of topics.

Helping Florida children cope with new stepsiblings

Going through a divorce when you have children is like a lesson in patience. The children need time to adjust to the new way of life. Once things settle down some, you might decide that it is time to remarry. That might lead to having another baby.

How can an inheritance be protected in a Florida divorce?

Inheriting property and other items from a relative is often a financial boost. It is also a great sentimental boost that you might need after you lose a loved one. If you are married and end up with an inheritance, there are some special considerations you must think about because you need to protect your inheritance if you end up getting divorced. Our Florida readers might find that some of this information offers valuable protection for inherited items.