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April 2015 Archives

Who can be legally recognized as a child's father?

When a baby is born to parents who aren't married, the baby's father must take specific steps if he wants to legally establish paternity. That, however, isn't the only instance in which paternity can be established. Some facts about establishing paternity might surprise you.

Representative Grayson settles divorce with an annulment

Many of our readers have probably been following Rep. Alan Grayson's divorce. If you remember, this divorce has been full of turns and twists that have kept many people enthralled. There were accusations of bigamy and domestic violence, which was initially filed in January 2014 by Mrs. Grayson. In the latest news regarding the divorce, both parties have agreed to have the marriage annulled instead of moving forward with a divorce.

Dividing real property during a divorce can be complex

Last week, we discussed how a divorce can affect your estate plan and taxes. After reading that blog post, you might be wondering how you can protect yourself during the property division portion of your divorce, especially if you have real estate to divide. We can help you as you work through the division of property.

Divorce can affect taxes and estate plans

Going through a divorce involves much more than just getting a piece of paper noting the legal end of your marriage. If you and your ex have assets together, you have to consider how the property division aspect of the divorce will affect your taxes and your estate plan. The answer to these issues isn't always easy, but there are some fairly consistent points you should consider.