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July 2015 Archives

Marriage and divorce trends in Florida

By keeping track of the marriages and divorces that take place every year, the state of Florida is able to see patterns that happen over the course of one year as well as those that occur over decades. According to the Florida Vital Statistics Annual Report for 2014, the declining divorce rate continued in the state, although the number of marriages increased from 2013. In 2013, there were 137,127 marriages performed in the state of Florida, but that increased to 145,250 in 2014.

Stepparent adoption: Understanding consent

Many people eventually move on and have second marriages, and even more children, after a divorce. In these situations, particularly if the noncustodial parent is not actively involved in the children's lives, a stepparent may consider adopting his spouse's children. While this is possible in some circumstances, it's important to understand what needs to happen for the courts to allow this.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck divorce

The financial issues are almost always a heated topic in every divorce. Couples often have very different ideas of what is a fair settlement, and it's not unusual for one or even both parties to attempt to get more than their fair share out of the divorce as a way to punish the other person. Divorces that include high value assets can be even more challenging.

Is it possible for the child support amount to be reduced?

Child support is one of those issues that no matter what it is set at, at least one of the parties involved is normally unhappy. Parents paying child support often believe that the money is not spent the way they think it should be, and those receiving child support may believe that the amount is not enough to cover the other parent's contribution to the children's expenses. In some cases, however, the courts do decide on a downward deviation for the child support if certain factors are present.

Know your rights regarding Florida spousal support payments

Spousal support payments are sometimes included in a divorce settlement. Last week, we discussed what information you should keep regarding your alimony payments. Making sure that you keep vital information is necessary because of how certain issues, such as tax implications, can affect you.