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October 2015 Archives

Moving on during a divorce takes time, consider these tips

Divorce is a stressful experience even in the best of cases. When you have already been under a lot of stress as your marriage dissolves and you increase that stress with a divorce, you might end up emotionally worn out. There is no way that you can take away all of the stress that is associated with a divorce, but there are ways that you can cope with the changes so that you aren't emotionally battered throughout the process.

Parenting plans do have to be reviewed and approved

The upside to creating your own parenting plan with your ex is clear: By doing so, you and your legal team can sit down and figure out a deal that works for both sides. You don't have to rely only on a court ruling. This gives you the ultimate level of control over how you raise your children.

Couple's standoff highlights divorce difficulties

A couple in the midst of a divorce is making national news after the man began living outside of his million-dollar home. According to reports, the man's wife kicked him out in March of this year before officially filing for divorce in June, but he refused to leave the front yard.

Seek a child support modification before you are in arrears

Paying child support can be very difficult, especially if your financial situation changes. Even when things are tough, you are still expected to pay your child support according to the child support order that was issued. We know that you want to support your child. We also know that things sometimes happen that make it necessary to seek a modification of your child support order. You don't want to end up in arrears like the man we discussed on the blog post last week.

Florida man more than $90,000 behind on child support payments

According to reports, a Florida man was arrested for owing over $90,000 in back child support. The arrears appears to have been related to a 2007 divorce, during which the man was ordered to pay $216 a week in child support to his wife. The couple was married for approximately eight years.